2011 İstanbul Summit Headlines

  • Keynote Speech by Khaled Abol Naga (Egyptian Actor, Filmmaker, Activist, and UNICEF Goodwill ambassador): “A Unifying Arab Consciousness”
  • Seizing the moment: how did we topple down the all-powerful, all-oppressive life-long dictators in the Middle East
  • Turkey’s silent revolution: standing against army, standing with people…
  • Beware Assad you are next: how to deal with Assad?
  • Keynote Speech by Robert Fisk (Independent): “The past and future of Arab Revolutions: why did they rebel, what do they want?”
  • Post revolution problems: “How the post revolution Egypt confiscated my passport?”
  • Activists without borders: Why and how to support the Syrian cause?
  • Round Table: We will do better: problems awaiting the post revolution middle East
  • Keynote Speech by Egemen Bağış Turkey’s Minister for European Union Affairs and Chief Negotiator