Two Absences in the Nahda Network summit, One Detention, One Assault

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Unfortunately, two of our guest will not be able to join us in the Nahda Network Summit.

Ali Fakhry, the co-founder and chairman of the Lebanon Anti-racism will not be able to join us because of the brutal attack perpetrated by the pro-Syrian Tashnaks against the headquarters of the movement in the Armenian quarter Bourj Hammod in Beirut. The tension between the tashnaks who oppose the Kurdish refugees settling in Bourj Hammod had instigated violence against the Kurdish refugees in the last weeks. It was reported that Tashnaks threatened Anti-racism Movement to end their support to the Kurdish refugees and immediately levae Bourj Hammod.  Ali Fakhry will join us via Skype. We give our full support to Ali Fakhry and his heroic anti-racism movement and condem this brutal assault.

Our Egyptian participant Aly Hazzaa was detained by the Egyptian army while he was in passport control in the Cairo Airport. This detention was reported to us by Adham Bakry who was on his way to Istanbul with Aly Hazzaa. We can not communicate with  Hazzaa and have no clue why this detention had taken place. We send our support to Hazzaa and hope that he will be free soon.

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